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5 DIY Projects to Reuse Old Light Bulbs

Posted On: October 27, 2019

If you’ve already made the switch to the more cost- and energy-efficient LED lightbulb, now the question becomes: what to do with all those used incandescent bulbs? Well, not to worry – we’ve found creative ways to turn those old duds into new décor!

First things first: every DIY project starts with an empty light bulb. You’ll need a pair of pliers to remove the metal inside , and because there will be glass involved, be sure to lay down a few sheets of newspaper to gather the shards. 

Twine Pear Centerpieces
These rustic centerpieces that pair perfectly with wood décor. Wrap bulbs in twine and add a twig stem for an easy fall project

Christmas Ornaments
There’s lots of ways to turn bulbs into festive ornaments for the holidays. Dip them in glitter , paint them into chilly snowmen or let your kids be creative with markers – either way they’ll have a cherished keepsake of their very own!

Concrete Wall Hooks
Give your home an industrial look with these concrete hooks that you can use for coat racks or door knobs. This project may be a little more involved, but the end result definitely makes it worth it.

Oil Lamps
Your bulbs can still shine bright! Convert them into oil lamps and accessorize your home with a one-of-a-kind fixture. 

Terrariums and Planters
Add new life to those bulbs by placing life inside. Fill your bulb with small rocks and green moss for a terrarium or add soil and a few seeds to grow small herbs inside!