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6 Energy-Efficient Ideas for a Summer Cooldown

Posted On: June 7, 2020

Sun-kissed skin, sandals and swimsuits are all a part of what makes summer unforgettable — but the last thing you want is the sun’s rays ramping up your energy costs. When highs hover at record levels, these tips will keep you comfortable and your bill more consistent.

You Are What You Eat
Make hot temps more bearable by gnawing on cold raw veggies or frozen fruit. While the sun’s up, stay away from a hot stove to cut down on heat.

You Are What You Drink
Some yummy drinks can put electrolytes back into your system after being depleted from sweating in the heat. Drinking milk, coconut water or frozen smoothies adds them back in without the high calories found in energy drinks. Cut out caffeine and avoid alcohol to further fend off dehydration.

Cooler Clothes
Summer months all have one thing in common — it’s the perfect time to flaunt your best white clothes. Wearing lighter colors reflects light and helps cool you down. Plus, the looser and lighter the fabric, the more breathable it’ll be.

Cotton Cooldown
Sleeping sweaty is never on the agenda — but sometimes it happens in the dead of summer. Peel back those blankets, and make sure your sheets are cotton — a breathable material that cools you down so you can catch some z’s. Before bed, put your sheets in a sealed plastic bag and pop them in the freezer. After a few minutes, put them on your bed, and they’ll be extra cool.

Ice Ice Maybe
Ice is more than just a way to chill your drink. Fill a bowl with those cold cubes, and slip in your feet to cool down your core. Or press ice against the pulse points on your wrist, neck, chest or temples because these spots release the most heat from the body.

Cool from the Outside In
During the day, blackout shades on your windows will block out those red-hot rays. For a more permanent solution, cover your roof with a light coating of paint. It will cool your house and lower your energy bill by reflecting instead of absorbing the heat.