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A Squeaky-Clean Home is a Happy Home

Posted On: February 20, 2019

Springtime is near bloom, and as such surely your ambitions are as well. Amongst all your newfound energy and aspirations: a tidy home.

No need to throw out your back in cleaning up your sweet abode, with the proper plan, and some helpful tips (like these), Spring cleaning is certain to be a cinch.

Let Time Give the Elbow Grease – Don’t spend forever scrubbing at hard-to-remove calcified deposits: let them soak in vinegar for several hours. Then, come back and easily scrub it away, with your elbows a-okay.

Clear Out the Clutter – Consider this a life-hack; it’s easier to clean your stuff if you have less stuff. As you’re going through a room, consider: when it was the last time you enjoyed a certain item? Does it serve a specific purpose in your life? If the answer to both is no, you might want to consider tossing it. Rinse and repeat with every item in every room.

Break Up the War into Battles – You’d be crazy to try to clean your whole house at once. Utterly insane. Break it up into smaller sections (like rooms!) and do one section at a time (like days!). This way, you’re never breaking down trying to break up the mess.

Baking Soda, I Got Baking Soda – This stuff is gold when it comes to removing dirt and grime. Just about everything in your home can be cleaned with some sort of home-remedy baking-soda-concoction. No need to have a grocery run for cleaning supplies: just use the box of baking soda sitting in your pantry and have a quick google search for cleaning recipes.

Your House Isn’t the Only Thing That Needs De-Cluttering – Believe it or not, most of our lives within the digital space can suffer from clutter as well. Spring is a great time to delete unnecessary files on your computer and phone, clear out your email inbox, and consider your expenses. Sometimes our spending gets away with us, especially if it’s something you’re not actively thinking about like, say, an energy bill. Consider switching to Stream’s Budget Power Plan. Besides knowing exactly how much you’ll be paying each month, there are several reasons why it’s the clear-cut choice for simplifying your life.