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Energy Efficient Gift Ideas They’ll Love

Posted On: December 1, 2019

Not sure what to get the energy aficionado on your holiday shopping list? We’ve got a few suggestions that are sure to help them save energy and fill them with cheer.

Power Tools – If Mr. or Ms. Fix-It is on your shopping list, then an electric screwdriver, saw or drill may be the perfect gift for their next renovation project. Just be sure to look for the Energy Star label and rechargeable battery option. It’ll save the user about 30% more energy than a non-Energy Star option.

Slow Cookers – One of these in your favorite chef’s kitchen is a game charger. It helps cut back on cook time and saves money by being cheaper than a brand-new oven or stovetop. Plus, they are sold in a variety of sizes and perfect for soups and stews.

Weighted Blankets – While wool blankets or one made of down feathers are beloved favorites, weighted blankets – a blanket filled with small objects to give it an added weight – have gained popularity for their relaxation and sleep benefits. It’s like gifting a warm hug that saves on your energy bill.

Solar powered gadgets – There’s a lot of fun gifts to choose from here: solar phone chargers, backpacks, batteries and toys. Your techie will love harnessing the power of the sun and to recharge and their wallet will love saving money with renewable energy.

Rechargeable batteries – Even if you aren’t buying gifts that use them, rechargeable batteries come in handy around the house and help reduce the waste of disposable ones. You can buy a charging base with at least four batteries in a pack and help less batteries end up in landfills.