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Five Energy-Saving Plays for Your Super Bowl Party

Posted On: January 26, 2020

Hosting a Super Bowl party? Conserve your energy for cheering your favorite team during the game with these tips that bench your high energy bill.

Consider a Backyard Tailgate – If it’s cool enough in your neighborhood, fire up the barbecue grill and host the pregame festivities outside. You’ll avoid using energy to run your oven or stove and enjoy the atmosphere as if you were actually at the game!

Rah! Rah! Recycle! – Set up a recycle bin next to your coolers so guests have a place to throw empty cans and bottles to reduce waste and score one for the environment.

Move the Temperature Down(field) – Kick off the party with a lower set temperature inside your home. The extra rowdy bodies will keep your home warm as the game heats up on field.

Create A Play-by-Play Menu – No need to blitz your guests with food at the beginning of the game. Stagger your menu throughout the party so nothing gets cold or stale, and no food gets wasted.

First & Finger Foods – Your Super Bowl guests will love a tray of meats, cheeses, chips and dips over dishes that’ll leave them sluggish for the second half. The best part? You spend less time in the kitchen.