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Keeping the Energy Bill Low with the Kids Home

Posted On: May 22, 2019

So, school’s out for the Summer, and you’re stressing about having the kids home all the time. Specifically, you’re stressing about how more energy they’ll use than when they were at school.

No fear: just because there are suddenly more humans in your home during the day, doesn’t mean your energy bill has to suffer. Here’s how to save energy from the kiddos when Summer starts, so you end up with an energy bill that makes you say “alright, alright, alright.”

Get Out of the House, Often – Life hack: they can’t use energy if they’re not home. Plan day-trips, excursions and adventures out of the home to soak up experiences in the world, and save your energy bill from Tommy playing Xbox for 10 hours straight. Check out your local zoo, aquarium, movie theater, public park, pet store, or whatever comes to mind to minimize time spent home.

Best Time for a BBQ – There’s a battle raging between your appliances that you might not have even noticed: your oven makes heat. Your air conditioner cools things off. Do you see how this is the greatest stand-off of inanimate objects of any household? Diffuse the situation entirely: cook outside. Fire up the grill, have a family meal in the backyard, and let your air conditioner work in peace.

Require Less Cooling – This one is so simple, it’s easily overlooked: require less cooling from your air conditioning. Simply get comfortable in a minimally warmer home to ensure savings that add up fast. To make it easier, use your ceiling fans! A ceiling fan can account for four degrees of difference on your air conditioner, but, only when you’re in the room to feel the difference. Otherwise, leave them off.

Entertainment, But Energy Free – Most means of entertaining children these days are electronic, which is all fine and good, except for your energy bill. Switch their attention off of gaming consoles onto good old-fashioned forms of entertainment: set up family reading time, or board game nights, or arts and crafts projects. A little imagination is a powerful thing!