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Make Your Energy Efficient Home Office in Four Steps

Posted On: January 14, 2020

Remote work has grown in popularity as workers trade in the office life for more productivity at home. If you’re looking for ways to make your home office space more energy efficient, we’ve got a few that will energize your work from home days.

Set the Day’s (Temperature) Tone: Working from home means you can avoid those chilly office buildings, but there’s no need to heat the entire house. Use an energy efficient space heater to stay warm while you work.

Flip the Power Strips: Mark the start – and end – of your workday with the flip of a switch. Plug your office appliances, like your computer, printer and phone charger, into a power strip. 

Rely on Laptop Computers: Laptops don’t just allow you to work anywhere in the house, they also drain less power than desktop computers. Don’t forget to update the settings on your laptop to make sure its battery lasts as long as you do.

Light Up Your Workspace: See your energy bill in a new light when you open a few windows and take in natural light. Or you can use a desk lamp to light only what you’re currently working on. Either way, you’ll save energy in the process.