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Moving Tips & Tricks

Posted On: June 2, 2019

If you're one of the millions of people planning a big move this summer, chances are your stress levels are through the roof. But they don't have to be! Start preparing weeks—even months—in advance with these moving tips from Stream.

90 Days Out

  1. Make an assessment.
    Do you need to hire a professional moving company? Or maybe you could get by with just friends and family chipping in? Evaluate your funds, how far you're moving and how much stuff you have to choose the best route.
  2. Measure your new space.
    How much space are you working with? Measure to get an idea of how your things will fit there, or if you'll need to get rid of anything.
  3. Check and double-check.
    Confirm everything far in advance: dates, cost breakdown, all the services your moving company (if you use one) offers, etc. Get it straightened out early to avoid surprise expenses

30 Days Out

  1. Pack nonessentials.
    Start packing up things you don't use often: clothes you won't wear anytime soon, items you've been storing in closets or garages, artwork, extra towels/bedding, etc.
  2. Don't fall off the grid.
    Let your banks, insurance companies, doctors' offices, subscription services and credit card companies know about the move.
  3. Make it official.
    Complete any change of address forms through the USPS, transfer bank accounts and medical records as needed and order checks with your new address.

21 Days Out

  1. Cut the cords.
    Arrange to transfer or cancel cable, Internet or phone services, as well as all utilities. Return any rented equipment when the time comes.
  2. Get smart.
    Get a head start on saving by turning your new home into a smart home. Research smart home devices and plans that can help you manage your energy usage and your budget.
  3. Stay covered.
    Update your insurance policies (property, auto, medical) to stay protected.

7 Days Out

  1. Power your new life.
    It's time to start shopping for services for your new home, including energy. Choose from a wide variety of Stream Energy plans , including excellent rates for new customers.
  2. Get serious about packing.
    Start packing up the rest of your home, being sure to leave out things you know you'll need (enough clothes for the week, cleaning supplies, etc.)
  3. Clean as you go.
    As you pack up each room, give it a deep clean. Also, reduce food waste by eating your perishable food.

Moving Day Checklist

  • Have all utilities been transferred or disconnected?
  • Are all rooms completely cleaned out and emptied of your belongings?
  • Is the old home all locked up?
  • Do you have a suitcase of essentials packed for the first few nights in your new place?