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Power Strips: Don't Let Unused Appliances Drain Your Wallet

Posted On: September 14, 2020

These days, we can’t function without electronics. With everything from kitchen appliances to cable boxes and computers (for work or play), we depend on them. But our electronics can contribute to considerable energy use — and higher electricity bills. So, what can we do to enjoy our entertainment without paying a premium in energy costs? The answer is simple — power strips.

Why use a power strip?
Constantly plugging in and unplugging electronics can disturb your day. Using a power strip can turn off all your devices at the same time — saving you from wasting energy.

How do I select the right power strip?
Decide the number of outlets you need on the strip and configure the distance the strip will be from the wall outlet. It’s also important to determine what’s being plugged in. You’ll need a stronger power strip for power tools than you would for alarm clocks and cell phones.

Aren't I saving energy since my electronics are turned off?
Known as vampire loads or phantom power, energy is being consumed by your electronics even in standby or sleep mode. This means your television, microwave or other appliances draw power even when they’re not being used.

Use the same power strip for commonly unused appliances that can be turned off all at once. Learn more about the phantom drain here.

Do I need a smart power strip?
Smart power strips are ideal for eliminating wasted energy. They determine when a device is in standby mode, plus you can set the timer so that they turn off at a certain time. You won’t have to remember to unplug them before going to bed.

Every room in your home has electronics — and now you have the knowledge to keep them powered up the smart way — knowing what vampire loads can do to your bill.