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Prepping the Home for Being Home Alone

Posted On: May 15, 2019

Summer time is the time for road trips. But, with any and every journey, there’s a home left alone. Here are some handy tips for you to consider when you go out of town, to make sure your home is A-OK when you get back.

Unplug All the Nonessentials – Phantom drain is a real menace, no matter whether or not you’re home. Combating it is as easy as pulling the plugs before you step out the door.

Clear the Fridge of Any Perishables – Before leaving, scan through the contents of your refrigerator and ask yourself, “will this rot while I’m gone? Do I want to find that rot when I get back?” You’ll know what to do based on your own answers.

Stop the Presses! – Or at least, your newspaper service and mail. Besides the danger of a pileup of soggy newspapers on your yard, it’s a clear sign to the shady types that you’re out of town, and therefore your home is unguarded. Don’t leave the burglars any context clues! Speaking of which…

Set Up a Timer – Have at least one light in your house set up on a timer. By turning itself on and off throughout the evenings, it’ll create the illusion that someone is home.

Park Inside – This might seem counterintuitive to the last two tips; surely having a car in the driveway would give off the idea that someone is home? Actually, by having a car stationary in the driveway for a number of days, it’s easier to tell that no one’s home. That, and you have to prepare for Murphy’s Law: it’s entirely plausible there’d be a freak hail-storm in the days you’re gone.

Do Your Dishes – This is something of a common-sense tip, but it’s easily forgotten if you’re rushing out the door. Clean all your dishes before leaving! If you leave even a scrap of a morsel out, it’s incredibly likely to be found by bugs.

Cut Off Potential Floods – Do this after you’ve done the dishes, but before you leave. Make sure to switch off the water supply to all toilets and the dishwasher/washing machine. The last thing you want to discover returning home is that a burst pipe has turned your abode into a swamp.

Sync Your Thermostat – If you’re leaving any plants or pets at home, you can’t cut the thermostat off outright. Instead, set the thermostat to be closer to the outside temperature. This way, you can save on any heating or cooling, while your inhabitants are still comfortable.