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Save Your Money, Save the World

Posted On: April 18, 2019

When it comes to Earth Day, there’s more than one way to save: everything you do to save energy, and therefore save money, adds up and helps save the world. Looking for some ways to do one, the other, or both? We’ve compiled a healthy helping of options for your consideration below.

Ditch the Dirty Filters – Heating and cooling add up to be more than half of your bill. All it takes to keep your system from having to work overtime is to change the filters once a month.

Shorter Showers – For every minute you cut out of your shower, you reduce water usage by two gallons. Consider it a double whammy of savings: not only do you save water for the fishes, but you save money by running your water heater less.

No Fan of Empty Rooms – Ceiling Fans are cool, they cool things off. Does an empty room need to be cooled? No, because it’s empty. Use fans while the rooms have people in them, and use your thermostat less.

Fight Phantom Drain – No matter the time of year, Phantom Drain is real, and it’s a real menace to your energy bill. Stay vigilant, and fight it always.

Recycle – Less an energy bill thing, but a real big deal to Earth: recycle! Designate somewhere in your home, besides the garbage can, for disposing of all your aluminum cans and glass bottles. Once you have a solid number of recyclables stashed up, put it out for recycling (if your abode accommodates that) or take it to a recycling bin yourself.

Plan for No Summer Bummers – Again, every time you save on your energy bill, you’re saving the planet. The more you can save yourself on your energy bill this summer, the more Mother Earth will thank you. With that, you’re in luck: Stream is putting together some suggested ways to save substantially this summer. Check back in coming days!