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Six Energy-Efficient Valentine’s Day Gifts

Posted On: February 9, 2020

Forget the flowers and skip the chocolate this Valentine’s Day. The best gifts that keep on giving well past February 14 will be high on sentiment and have a low imprint on your energy bill. Show someone you love them with these gift ideas!

Solar phone charger – There’s nothing worse than your phone dying while you’re out and without a power source to charge it. A solar-powered phone charger will use the sun’s rays to get your loved ones back online quicker and with cleaner energy.

LED book light – You can gift adventure, motivation, nostalgia or escape with a hardcover book, and with an LED book light, the recipient can read it wherever they go. 

Silk pillowcase – These soft casings create less friction on hair and skin and don’t dry your skin out while you sleep and prevents irritation and damage. 

Soft fleece blanket – A warm, cozy blanket will keep you and your loved ones from cranking up the thermostat and wrap you in warmth that feels pretty close to love. 

Candles with romantic scent – We’re big advocates for energy-efficient lighting solutions, and candles – especially rose or other lightly scented ones – can set a romantic mood without the electric light source.

Crafts – Tap into your inner child with a small doodle or paint kit. It’s a low-cost and low-energy activity that will win you quality time with your loved one that’s fun and creative.